RIG – Meet Your Virtual Regulatory Expert

Introducing FinregE’s Regulatory Insights Generator (RIG): Meet Your Virtual Regulatory Expert

RIG is a virtual AI regulatory expert, offering the ability to interrogate and analyze regulatory documents at lightning-fast speeds and high precision. In this post, we explain RIG’s transformative capabilities, shedding light on how it provides both accurate as well as rapid responses to all your regulatory queries

Unveiling FinregE’s Regulatory Insights Generator (RIG AI)

At FinregE, we have been leading the way building innovative regulatory compliance solutions since 2018. Our dedication has allowed us to build a vast, non-replicable database of structured regulatory content. It is no secret that Large Language Models (LLMs) have gained significant attention in the world of AI. The benefits are hard to argue against. However, while everyone can use an LLM, what sets FinregE apart is the power of our enormous, structured and classified data lake of legal and regulatory text and documents from global regulatory sources. FinregE has been gathering and structuring data on regulatory publications, legislations, laws and regulations from over 1,800 regulatory, government and legislative websites since 2018. This is where RIG AI comes into play. For the accurate and effective use of generative AI, having access to high-quality and structured data is the key to unlocking the true potential of LLMs.

FinregE’s RIG leverages our rich database, enabling financial professionals to extract unparalleled insights from regulatory documents.


Figure 1: FinregE regulatory coverage for horizon scanning and digital regulations

Lightning-Fast Regulatory Analysis with RIG

One of the standout features of FinregE’s RIG AI is its ability to quickly process both single and multiple regulatory documents in seconds, making it a valuable asset for regulatory professionals who need to navigate through extensive regulatory content efficiently.

Let’s delve into the practical applications of RIG:

1. Summarizing Large Regulatory Documents

Regulatory professionals often find themselves faced with lengthy and complex regulatory documents. Reading through these documents manually can be time-consuming and daunting. RIG AI, on the other hand, excels in summarizing large regulatory texts swiftly and accurately. It extracts key information, lists it and provides a concise summary of it at the blink of an eye, saving professionals valuable time. It even explains its own logic and methodology.

Figure 2: FinregE RIG summarising actions from a DORA’s Regulatory Technical Standards

2. Comparing Proposed and Final Regulations

When regulatory changes are proposed, it’s crucial for professionals to understand how these changes will impact their business. RIG AI can quickly compare a proposed regulation with the final version, highlighting the differences and helping professionals adapt to the new rules effectively.

3. Determining Applicability to Your Business

Not every regulation applies to every type of business. RIG AI helps you understand whether a specific regulation is relevant to your business or not. It can precisely identify which parts of a regulation are applicable, allowing you to focus on the aspects that matter to your operations.

Figure 3: FinregE’s RIG providing a summary of actions firms need to take to comply with FCA’s Consumer Duty cross cutting rules

4. Matching External Rules to Internal Policies and Controls

Achieving compliance involves aligning your internal policies and controls with external regulations. RIG AI can be used to compare external rules to your internal documents, highlighting matches and, perhaps more importantly, identifying and pointing out gaps. This ensures that your organization is fully aligned with regulatory requirements and remains compliant.


Figure 4: FinregE’s RIG comparing SEC’s fine to investment advisors for breaking custody rule and firm’s internal policy on Custody Issue to find maps and gaps

RIG: Your 24/7 Virtual Regulatory Expert

One of the remarkable features of RIG AI is its availability as a 24/7 virtual regulatory expert. Compliance professionals can turn to RIG AI at any time, and as it is 100% non-partial, making it a reliable partner for tackling regulatory challenges. With RIG AI by your side, you have access to a wealth of regulatory expertise whenever you need it, without any delays.

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