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Driving Innovative Transformation in Banking Regulatory Compliance

At FinregE, we specialize in equipping banks to effectively navigate and thrive amid the swift and complex regulatory changes that are reshaping the financial services landscape.

Our advanced compliance solutions are built upon a foundation of expertise and real-world feedback from global banking institutions. FinregE’s systems integrate the collective knowledge and best practices developed through extensive collaboration with the world’s leading financial organizations. This approach ensures our software is finely attuned to the dynamic global regulatory landscape, reflecting the practical needs and challenges faced by banks worldwide.

Leveraging Explainable Generative AI for Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

FinregE leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies across its entire suite of compliance solutions to streamline and enhance the compliance processes for banks.

At the heart of FinregE’s approach is the use of AI and NLP is AI RIG, our large language model specifically trained on laws and regulations to act like a compliance expert to dynamically interpret and understand regulations and their requirements. RIG capability allows for the automatic extraction of obligations and requirements from newly published regulations, a process that is not only highly efficient but also reduces the likelihood of human error.


Once these obligations are identified, FinregE’s AI-powered RIG MAPs connects them directly to the bank’s existing policies and controls, seamlessly integrating new requirements into the current compliance framework. This mapping process is crucial for identifying any gaps between existing controls and new regulatory demands, enabling banks to quickly pinpoint areas that require attention.

Furthermore, RIG can assists in the drafting and construction of compliance policies and controls. By analysing the language and intent of regulatory texts, FinregE’s RIG can generate robust compliance policies that are both precise and aligned with regulatory expectations.

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End-to-End Traceability in Regulatory Compliance

Horizon Scanning

At the forefront of our regulatory technology is the horizon scanning solution, which enables banks to proactively monitor and identify regulatory developments as they emerge.

This solution helps you stay abreast of global regulatory trends and potential changes, ensuring that you are never caught off guard. By providing early warnings and insights from a broad coverage of banking regulations and regulatory sources globally, FinregE enables banks to begin assessing the impact of applicable regulatory changes well in advance, ensuring preparedness across all jurisdictions.

Horizon Scanning
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Digital Rulebooks

Central to our compliance solutions are the digital rulebooks, which offer a centralized repository for all laws, rules, and regulatory requirements applicable to a bank. These digital rulebooks are continuously updated to reflect the latest regulatory data, providing banks with an authoritative source of compliance information.

This consolidation simplifies the complexity of managing multiple regulatory frameworks across different jurisdictions, enhancing centralised accessibility and understanding for compliance teams.

Global Banking Regulatory Requirements Mapping

Our solutions extend to include a sophisticated mapping tool that aligns specific regulatory requirements with the bank’s internal policies and controls.

This feature ensures that every aspect of the bank’s operations meets global standards, aiding in the management of compliance across diverse regulatory landscapes.

Regulatory Reporting

Workflow Integration

FinregE’s compliance workflows are designed to integrate new regulatory changes and regulatory driven compliance assessments into existing compliance frameworks seamlessly.

These workflows connect the dots between regulations, regulatory changes and the bank’s established policies and controls, facilitating rapid adaptation, implementation and periodic compliance monitoring. They enable compliance teams to create actionable tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress in real time, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are fully embedded into the bank’s operational processes.

Regulatory Reporting

FinregE recognizes the critical role of precise and timely regulatory reporting in maintaining compliance and enhancing operational efficiency. To address this, FinregE offers a centralized Regulatory Reporting Module that transforms and streamlines the regulatory reporting processes for banks.

This module is specifically designed to simplify and fortify your firm’s compliance efforts in regulatory reporting. It provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that not only aligns with regulatory expectations but also optimizes reporting workflows. By centralizing data collection, validation, and submission processes, the module ensures accuracy and reduces the time and resources spent on regulatory reporting tasks.

Comprehensive Compliance Assurance

Together, these tools form a robust compliance ecosystem that empowers banks to manage regulatory challenges efficiently and effectively. From keeping pace with regulatory developments through horizon scanning to ensuring every regulation is meticulously mapped and integrated into daily operations through advanced workflows, FinregE ensures that banks not only comply with but excel in their regulatory obligations.

How FinregE’s Solutions Empower Banks

FinregE’s solutions streamline compliance with capital and risk regulations, such as Basel III, by enhancing banks’ ability to manage and report capital effectively. Our software solutions support both strategic and tactical management of capital and balance sheets, integrating regulations with requirements drawn out, and inbuilt robust governance through workflows to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

We provide comprehensive solutions for managing trading conduct and market risks regulations. Our software assists banks in adhering to trading conduct rules and managing market risks regulations through advanced analytics and risk assessment methodologies, including full support for implementing market risk standards like FRTB.

Our regulatory reporting tools and compliance assessment solutions help banks meet internal model requirements and manage risks effectively. FinregE’s platforms facilitate the creation and management of reports, compliance assessments, and attestations, ensuring thorough preparation for and compliance with regulatory scrutiny.

In the digital age, protecting sensitive information and securing digital assets are paramount. FinregE’s data privacy and cybersecurity solutions help banks safeguard customer data, meet stringent regulatory requirements, and mitigate risks associated with data breaches and cyber threats. Our advanced tools provide end-to-end encryption, real-time threat detection, and compliance with global data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring that your institution maintains the highest standards of data integrity and security.

FinregE’s AML solutions are designed to combat the evolving tactics of financial crime. Our systems offer sophisticated monitoring and analysis capabilities to detect and report suspicious activities effectively. With comprehensive tools for customer due diligence, transaction monitoring, and risk assessment, banks can ensure compliance with both domestic and international AML regulations, such as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and FATF recommendations, while also safeguarding their operations from illicit financial flows.

As regulatory focus intensifies on environmental and social governance, FinregE provides essential tools for banks to comply with ESG-related regulations and to integrate sustainable practices into their core strategies. Our solutions help monitor and report on carbon footprints, manage risks associated with climate change, and adhere to sustainability guidelines and standards. This enables banks to not only meet regulatory expectations but also excel in corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.

To address the growing demand for transparency and accountability in banking operations, FinregE offers solutions that enhance governance and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. Our tools facilitate the implementation of robust governance models, clear lines of accountability, and consistent reporting practices. This not only helps banks meet regulatory mandates but also builds trust with stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices and responsible management.

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