Managing Regulatory Change


Managing Regulatory Change: The Power of Automated Horizon Scanning

FinregE offers a robust and comprehensive solution that organizes regulatory publications, news, and alerts categorized by regulator, country, regulation names, and equipped with direct source links.

Unveiling FinregE’s Comprehensive Approach

FinregE’s horizon scanning service provides global coverage across jurisdictions, regulatory sources, and various types of publications. The service provides a daily refresh of content, ensuring up-to-the-hour updates, including regulatory publications in local and translated languages. This comprehensive categorization of content by sectors, themes, publication types, and regulatory/legislative topics simplifies information retrieval for businesses operating in multiple areas of interest.

Figure 1: FinregE regulatory coverage by topics, themes, and sectors

Efficient Processing and Evaluation of Regulatory Impact

FinregE indicates impact by providing ratings and integrates connected regulatory content with internal compliance data such as policies, processes, risks, and controls. This empowers businesses to, quickly and accurately, evaluate the impact and materiality of regulatory changes, enabling early recognition and proactivity in managing potential risks.

Figure 2: FinregE’s automated impact assessment on emerging regulations against GRC data such as policies, risks and controls

Proactive Identification of Regulatory Trends

Figure 3: FinregE Trending Dashboard showing weekly publication trending topics

The system also helps in identifying potential regulatory trends, assisting in the creation of an early warning system. This proactive approach alerts key regulatory professionals about potential trends in direction of regulatory changes and legislative rule making, enabling businesses to develop strategies for adaptation and readiness.

Real-Time Monitoring and Useful Insights

FinregE’s horizon scanning service ensures businesses stay updated with the latest regulatory developments as they happen. This daily, continuous, real-time monitoring allows immediate action and informed decision-making. With content categorized into taxonomies for easier reading and comprehension, FinregE transforms voluminous regulatory data into actionable knowledge, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance processes.

Figure 4: FinregE’s RIG generated regulatory obligations for MiFIDII Article 16 on Organisational Requirements

Why Collaborate with FinregE

Backed by years of domain experience, and as the only company in the world to cover the entire value chain for changing regulations, FinregE delivers tailored regulatory compliance solutions to the financial service industry. Cutting-edge AI enabling full automation, the platform simplifies regulatory compliance management, reducing the structural cost of compliance regulation significantly. Are you ready to start managing regulatory change?

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