Let’s make Financial Regulation Easy©

We believe in making Financial Regulation Easy©.

We build simple, scalable and sustainable compliance solutions that work with the power of technology. We know that the combination of a problem, the right expertise and technology deliver solutions that have a lasting impact on strategy, revenue and performance.

FSQS accredited

Finreg-E is Stage 1 and Stage 2 FSQS accredited.

We believe in making Financial Regulation Easy©.

Our mission is to make a difference in financial society on how regulation is published and consumed. Our value proposition is our team.

With over two decades of experience in regulatory policy development, regulatory change, financial supervision, data algorithms and software product design, we have proven in-depth domain expertise. Our complementary experience includes regulatory change implementation across a variety of financial institutions, regulatory and government authorities and building industry-led technology and data solutions to transform processes across energy and finance industries.

We have worked with big data. We have implemented proven working solutions using natural language processing and machine learning.

We have designed and launched software apps in energy and finance. We work closely with our clients to offer advice and our experience to tackle their compliance problems. We ensure our software offers a superior compliance solution built on extensive customer feedback to stay ahead of our competition. This is what differentiates us from our competition.

Our team

Rohini Gupta
Lead Regulatory Advisor

Rohini is the Director of Regulatory Advisory and Product Design at Finreg-E. Rohini brings more than 15 years of financial services expertise in asset; wealth management, investment banking, retail banking, capital markets and the UK’s regulator. Her skill set is niche, including financial products experience gained from working in sales and trading, coupled with extensive experience in regulatory policy development, implementation, supervision and compliance management from her work at the UK regulators and across major financial institution. Rohini is the brains behind Finreg-E’s regulatory interpretation and compliance workflow solutions, which are designed based on her extensive hands-on experience and domain knowledge in regulation and compliance.

Rohini has strong expertise in regulatory frameworks and legislation across global regulators and unrivaled knowledge of best practice governance, risk and compliance frameworks and regulatory expectations. She has extensive experience in regulatory supervision, advisory, consultancy and remediation. Her experience includes policy development, lobbying and implementation of post-crisis reforms such as Basel III, Basel IV, CRDIV, Senior Managers Regime at major financial institutions and the UK regulators. Her subject matter expertise includes ICAAPs, ILAAs, enterprise-wide governance and risk management, operational risk, SIF attestations, compliance self-assessments, large scale regulatory change and remediation project management.

Rohini is combining her extensive hands on product and regulatory expertise to bring Finreg-E Automated Regulatory Compliance and Change Management to market. Backed by a unique and incredible leadership team, Finreg-E advises the team on how to machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the interpretation and compliance processes surrounding global financial regulatory rules to achieve its mission to make Financial Regulation Easy!

Amit Madahar
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

With more than 15 years of experience in working with technology, Amit is the brains behind the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and NLP techniques in Finreg-E algorithms. Amit has years of diverse experience in oil, gas, energy and finance sectors where he has developed and deployed big data analytics algorithms and applications. Amit likes to build algorithms that are sustainable and really work under multiple conditions of a problem. With Finreg-E, Amit really goes behind understanding the logic used in the publication and use of financial regulation to capture and display content for easy interpretation and use of regulatory rules. Prior to founding Finreg-E, Amit has held several senior consulting and COO positions at various oil and gas organisations. Amit holds a Masters of Science from Imperial College, London.

Mike McCloskey

Mike is a Director of FInreg-E and responsible for new business development of Finreg-E. Mike has spent over 20 years across a number of business domains from wholesale trading, electricity generation, distribution and supply. Mike’s expertise across these varied disciplines has seen Mike lead a number of innovations and developments, which were forefront of the industry. Mike is also Co-founder of Utilidex, a partner company of Finreg-E which delivers the intuitive and clean user interface of Finreg-E.  Prior to founding Utilidex, Mike was responsible for Siemens IT business for the UK / Ireland. Mike is passionate about customer focus and innovation, believing that the financial sector has enormous potential for additional value with the right use of innovative technologies.

Richard Brys

Richard is a Director and the leading force in the design of Finreg-E. Richard is passionate about innovation and takes a very active role in product design and technology, as well working on the development of commercial & strategic partnerships for the business. With over 15 years experience of working in the technology sector, Richard has previously held a number of senior roles – most recently he was CEO of Energy One, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company. He holds an MBA from AGSM (Australia), is a member of Microsoft’s UK Partner Advisory Council and mentors early stage technology companies at Level39, Europe’s largest Fintech Accelerator. Richard is also currently the CEO of Utilidex, partner company to Finreg-E.

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