Streamlining financial compliance management with AI and machine learning – an insight into Amit Madahar’s expertise and foresight


Financial compliance management is perceived to be an inefficient process mired in red tape and bureaucracy, and at times, it is hard to challenge this perception given the resources and time allocated to regulatory functions! 

With over 15 years of experience in technology, Amit Madahar wanted to challenge the perception that financial regulation was an inefficient process that consumed more resources relative to the value generated by using his insight in technology. 

Though he understood that financial regulatory content was long and complex, Amit wanted to turn compliance into an agile process where financial firms can meet regulatory requirements without incurring significant expenses or needing a lot of time.

Amit’s vision for more efficient agile regulation compelled him to create FinregE, an organisation committed to converting regulatory management into a more agile, tech-driven process using automated compliance technology.


Amit Madahar’s expertise

A technically-strong developer and manager with over 15 years of experience, Amit has worked in different industries across finances, oil, and gas, developing well-tested solutions that leverage big data analytics, AI, and machine learning to tackle multiple conditions in a problem. 

Over the years, Amit would refine his understanding of advanced technology such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) while deepening their understanding of how regulatory frameworks work in different industries, like finance, oil, gas, and energy, which gave him the knowledge to open FinregE.

As a Founder and the Chief Technology Officer at FinregE, Amit uses his impressive knowledge of  AI, NLP, and ML and regulatory management frameworks to devise sophisticated platforms that can simplify compliance management.

His insight into technology and regulatory frameworks helped him understand the intricacies behind financial regulation to display content for easy interpretation of regulatory rules.


Using AI to transform financial compliance management

We believe that technology is the key to challenging long-entrenched perceptions about compliance management as a  complex function and converting it into a responsive process. 

With our advanced platforms, we have helped clients revamp their regulatory processes by cutting out duplicate processes and redundant steps using advanced automation and allowing organisations to streamline and simplify financial compliance management. 

We also offer RegTech platforms that cover different functions related to regulatory change management, ranging from reg alerts solution that captures the latest updates and sends them directly to your inbox along with automated compliance mapping where platforms can relay external regulatory updates to internal business operations to simplify compliance management.  

As an entity that is driven by innovation, we are looking to move beyond our expansive offering by exploring new ideas and concepts that solve the problems associated with financial compliance management and convert it into an agile process.

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